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Music lovers flock to Coachella this year

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Music lovers flock to Coachella this year - Image

Every year, people of all kinds flock to Palm Springs, California, to attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This year, it appears as though there will be greater crowds of people on American travel, as CNN estimates that more than 100,000 people will be joining in the experience.

Experts believe that the big draw to festivals such as Coachella is the variety of acts that participate, allowing people to marvel at some of their favorite musicians at once. With big names such as Kanye West and lesser-known acts such a Duck Sauce, there is something for everyone.

 "The fact that Coachella sold out is a great sign for the industry," Gary Bongiovanni, live music trade magazine Pollstar's editor-in-chief, told the news provider. "Economically, festivals are the best bang for your dollar."

However, attendees should prepare for strong temperatures as My Desert reports that a heat wave is expected during the weekend-long festival. Attendees should be sure to stay hydrated and try to shade themselves as often as possible in order to stand the balmy temperatures.