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Manitoba children's museum reopens after $10 million refurbishment

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Manitoba children's museum reopens after $10 million refurbishment - Image

After a nine-month hiatus, the Manitoba Children's Museum reopened this month following a $10 million construction and renovation project, reported the Toronto Star. 

The museum received a dramatic makeover by Toronto's Toboggan Design, and now features 12 discovery learning galleries for children to enjoy. 

The formerly-natural and scientific decor has been replaced by vivid colours and an increased focus on interactivity. Director of marketing and communications for the museum Lisa Dziedzic told the Toronto Star that officials have "eliminated a lot of the realism of the place to free up their imaginations a bit." 

In an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press, museum executive director Diane Doth said "we told them we wanted something that had never been done in a children's museum before. We wanted to be on the leading edge." 

The news source reports that the museum has also incorporated several characters to assist and encourage children to learn through play throughout the 12 galleries, including The Mayor, The Artist, The Conductor, The Chef and Field Trip Kid.