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Manhattan's 9/11 memorial site opening to coincide with 10th anniversary

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Manhattan's 9/11 memorial site opening to coincide with 10th anniversary - Image

While the site won't officially open until September 12th, interested travellers are now able to book ticket reservations for admission to New York City's 9/11 Memorial, USA Today reports. 

The memorial is located at the site of the former World Trade Center, and occupies approximately half of the 16 acre site, according to the official website. The site features two reflecting pools, each almost one acre in size, that will be surrounded by bronze plaques etched with the names of the victims. 

The official website states that the pools sit inside the footprints of the original towers, and are the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The memorial was designed by architectural firm Peter Walker and Partners and Michael Arad of Handel Architects, with a focus on sustainable design. 

The new destination will also feature a museum dedicated to the events of 9/11. The president and CEO of the September 11 National Memorial Joe Daniels told the Associated Press that the museum may charge visitors an entrance fee of around $20 to ensure that the operation of the site can be maintained. Daniels further stated that admission fees would be waived for the families of the victims. 

Even though tickets to the grand opening are unavailable, travellers visiting the memorial may wish to consider travel insurance before planning their trip.