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Maine contains some of New England's best gems

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Maine contains some of New England's best gems - Image

When it comes to United States travel, most tourists consider visiting places like New York City, Los Angeles or Hawaii, but there are several states that may not be on your radar and which offer fantastic vacation experiences. Maine is one of those states. Because this New England gem shares a border with Canada, it’s easy to get there by car. The quiet state, also known as “Vacationland”, holds so many treasures. If you’re planning a getaway to this state, here are some recommendations:

When to travel
Being a northern state, Maine has some very harsh winters, which may not be ideal for travellers who don’t like snow and ice. It’s better to visit during any one of the other three seasons. Autumn in Maine will provide you with the chance to glimpse some of the best fall colours in the U.S. - people travel from all over just to see the oranges, reds and yellows that cover the Maine countryside. In spring, you’ll be able to enjoy blooming wildflowers, but bear in mind that rain is common during this time of year. Summer may be the best time to visit, because temperatures are typically comfortable without getting too hot. This means plenty of opportunities to take a dip in one of Maine’s many crystal clear and unspoiled fresh water lakes.

For a taste of the city
There are no “big cities” in Maine, but Portland, the largest city in the state, still has a lot to offer. This waterfront spot has an adorable downtown, perfect for strolling through. The Old Port section of the city has a number of shops, from clothing boutiques to toy stores. The old piers of the city contain some of the best seafood restaurants in town, which is a good thing, because it’s simply unthinkable to go to Maine without sampling some of the local lobster.

Not far from Portland is the town of Cape Elizabeth, home to the Portland Head Light. This lighthouse is one of the most iconic in the U.S. - it’s been featured in thousands of photographs and paintings. If you’re embarking on family travel, your kids will have a blast climbing around the old fort ruins that surround the Head Light.

For nature enthusiasts
There are so many natural wonders in Maine, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. A trip to Baxter State Park is sure to please anyone who loves being in the great outdoors. The massive park is home to lakes, islands, mountains and oceanfront, which makes it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

If you are an avid climber, Baxter State Park will definitely give you the thrills you seek. There are many trails leading up Mount Katahdin and one which features the treacherous “knife’s edge.” A word to the wise - if you don’t like steep cliffs, then you should probably find another route up this mountain.

If you like being outside but want something a bit more relaxing, then a visit to any one of Maine’s spectacular beaches will be just the thing you need. Popham Beach State Park is an idyllic spot. It’s beach is expansive and shallow, which makes it great for kids. The current along the shoreline makes for a fantastic tubing experience, and during low tide, you can walk along a sandbar to a small island nearby, where you’ll have some dazzling views of the Atlantic.