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Ireland truly is the Emerald Isle

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Ireland truly is the Emerald Isle - Image

This is the time of year when travellers are abuzz with trips to Ireland and other areas of strong Irish heritage in preparation for the time of year when everyone's color is green. The Emerald Isle is chock full of history, attractions and charm that make it a ripe Europe travel destination year round.

What to see
Ireland offers a beautiful landscape and a rich history that will dazzle any visitor. With thousands of pubs, a local staple and tradition, and all sorts of music and dance festivals, you'll never have to look too hard to find something to do. Grab a pint of Guinness and wait for some of the bursts of song that break out at a moments notice or catch a show of one of the regional Irish Riverdance groups. When you go, be sure to use your concierge services for travel tips on what's currently going on around you.

The countryside has its fair share of castles, but all visitors should check out the Rock of Cashel, dating as far back as the fifth century when St. Patrick himself converted the King of Munster. With thousands of years of lore and history behind it and many beautiful sculptures and carvings, the breathtaking collection of stone towers and buildings dominates the rolling green hills around it.

The Giant's Causeway is a mix of myth and raw nature along the Irish coastline. It's impressive steps were formed over 60 million years ago from a series of volcanic eruptions that have left behind a scene that could be taken straight from a fairy tale. To witness more of the island's natural beauty, take a drive around the Ring of Kerry, where you'll behold towering mountains, explosive coasts and lush valleys that will make you want to explore this land by foot, just so you can feel it for yourself.

Flatter yourself
Finally, don't forget one of the most famous myths of the Irish people: the Blarney Stone. Climb up the heights of Blarney castle if you wish to perform a ritual done by millions of people for hundreds of years. Legend has it that anyone who kisses the Blarney Stone, located at the top of a tower, will receive the gift of flattery. To achieve such a feat, visitors need to lay on their backs, over the edge of the tower and reach back to the Blarney stone for a kiss. This task used to be quite dangerous to try, but safeguards have since been installed to make it easier. It still wouldn't hurt to pick up some travel insurance if you plan on making the attempt.