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How to have a successful family road trip

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Are you planning to check out some of the best spots in Canada this summer? It’s certainly tempting to take advantage of warm weather and free time to set out and explore parts of your homeland. No matter where you’re headed, you can usually embark on a fun road trip to get there. Family travel can be made even more enjoyable with some well thought out behind-the-scenes planning.

Be flexible with your schedule
Rush hour traffic can be a nightmare, but it can also be avoided. Embrace any flexibility in your schedule to avoid peak driving times or holiday weekends. Even leaving your house one hour earlier or later could help you miss most of the jams. Consider what works best for your family and if bypassing stop-and-go traffic is worth it, make the schedule adjustment.

Plan for stops, and then plan for more
It’s inevitable: You’re going to have to make stops during your journey to accommodate your kids. No matter how many pit stops you plan for, you’re still probably going to have to make a few more. Even if you’re the world’s best vacation planner, spills, fights, potty breaks and other situations are bound to pop up so be prepared for the unscheduled pull over. Also, make sure to map out some rest stops along your way.

Between traffic and emergency stops, your trip is probably going to take longer than you had anticipated. When you organize your vacation, take into account extra stops and you’ll be better able to estimate your arrival time.

Rotate drivers
If you have a second driver in the car, plan to share the driving responsibilities. Sometimes it’s just a relief to know you have a break on the way, and your little ones may also appreciate the chance to spend some quality time talking with you, without causing driving distractions. Rotating who is in the driver’s seat can also ensure that you have a fresh pair of eyes on the road.

Entertainment is the key
Keeping your children entertained may seem obvious but you definitely have to make sure younger travel companions have something to pass the time. Bring a nice range of toys, games and movies to help the youngsters pass the time.

In-vehicle entertainment systems, laptop computers or portable DVD players can act as screens for your children’s favorite movies or television shows. Also, plan to bring along books and a few quiet toys in case they get bored with the electronics. Another idea is to play a game with your kids. Try having them find a list of objects on the road in a makeshift scavenger hunt, so they’ll be on the lookout for things like a red car or police cruiser.

Skip fast food
Longer road trips can occasionally mean you’re forced to eat on the go. Picking up fast food is convenient but could lead to an energy crash, not to mention you could find yourself hungry again just a short time later. Instead of hitting the drive-through, invest a little extra time in a well-balanced meal, and be sure to bring along healthy snacks for the car.