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Hotels look to help those with allergies

Topic Travel Tips and Tricks

Hotels look to help those with allergies - Image

As allergy season is affecting individuals across North America, it's becoming increasingly important that travellers who are looking for places to stay take their comfort into consideration.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that more hotels are looking to cater to people who suffer from allergies, and hoping to makes some more money in the process. Some hotels are choosing to set aside what they claim to be hypoallergenic rooms, which have been thoroughly cleaned by greener products.

According to the news provider, these kinds of rooms are typically more expensive than others. However, some travellers may be willing to open their wallet for these kinds of offerings, as they do not want to suffer further.

"Travel is a challenge," Stephanie Dickey, who travels frequently for business, told the news provider. "I have to clean all surfaces to avoid contact, but I can still get reactions. Often, I’ll go for feather pillows because it is the lesser of the two evils."

For those who do not want to pay the extra for a hypoallergenic room, the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology reports that requesting a sunny, dry room away from indoor pools could help keep the mold situation under control.