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Honeymoon activities to try in India

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Honeymoon activities to try in India - Image

People who are looking for ideas for honeymoon travel may not realize that India is a viable option thanks to its rich culture and sultry settings.

India definitely offers opportunities for activities that are not typically accessible elsewhere, such as riding a camel, shopping in unique markets and trying authentic cuisine. The Calgary Herald reports that tourists should consider stopping in Jaisalmer if they're interested in a camel tour, as the city is typically the beginning point of the excursion.

The news provider reports that Udaipur is a great place to visit with a partner, as its rooftop restaurants give off a romantic ambiance that is great to share with a loved one. The panoramic views of the restaurants are perfect for a backdrop of the entire city and the warm evening temperatures make it tolerable to stay outside during a meal.

Finally, those who are looking for the ultimate cultural experience should be sure to check out Uttar Pradesh, which is home to the Taj Mahal, the most visited site in India and a great backdrop for a photo-op.