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Hilo, Hawaii, the land of black sand beaches

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Hilo, Hawaii, the land of black sand beaches - Image

When the winter months become too gloomy the placid calm of Hawaii can become ever more tempting. Hilo is a special area of this distant pacific land and those who come to this paradise to escape the dreary winter will not be disappointed. Travel insurance for Canadians is recommended for those who wish to fly care free. 

One of the most famous areas to visit outside of Hilo is Volcanoes National Park. Sitting in the shadow of Mauna Kea, the largest volcano in the world, travellers can experience a bit of geologic history in the making as hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of lava flow into the ocean everyday and continue to make the Big Island of Hawaii grow. 

This 330,000-acre park has over 150 miles of available trails which make their way through a wide variety of rainforest and volcanic formations. The area features a number of ancient petroglyphs as well as a lava tube that hikers are allowed to walk through. 

Hilo is a wonderfully peaceful area with a friendly population and stark beauty that is present around nearly every corner.