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Heal your body and mind at Asia's best wellness resorts

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Heal your body and mind at Asia's best wellness resorts - Image

Offering scenic vistas, natural foods and a chance to take a break from the culture you're used to, Asia travel can be a refreshing experience under any circumstances. For those looking specifically for a health-conscious vacation spot, countries throughout the region are host to world-renowned wellness spas that might help you feel the best you ever have, even despite the jet lag.

The Farm - Philippines
In a recent ranking, CNN called The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines one of Asia's best wellness resorts. The Farm is also the only spa of its kind in the island nation. In addition to healing and yoga retreats, the resort hosts a world-class detox retreat.

Housed on an environmentally friendly coconut plantation, The Farm boasts one of the best vegan restaurants in Asia, meaning you'll have plenty of good food to fuel you through your yoga exercises. The Wall Street Journal also praised the cuisine at The Farm, naming it a top foodie spa in 2010. It might also be a solid choice for socially and environmentally conscious travellers, as the spa donates a portion of its income from coconut oil to community and environmental efforts, CNN reported.

Tria Integrative Wellness - Thailand
The Wall Street Journal recommended Tria Integrative Wellness in Bangkok, Thailand, for those wanting to get their health back on track. The staff of Tria includes 24 doctors and other practitioners and offers treatments such as acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine.

"A guest choosing this facility is someone looking for life balance, not just a quick aesthetic fix," spa consultant Maggie Gunning told the Journal.

Thanyapura - Thailand
Thanyapura, also in Thailand, offers another way for visitors to get their health in better order - through hard work. Professional athletes come from all over the world to train at Thanyapura, according to CNN. Offering preventive medicine education and physical training, Thanyapura has facilities to train visitors to do their best work in football, tennis, rugby, triathlons and more. In addition to traditional training facilities, the complex offers an arts studio, martial arts centres and organic restaurants.

Dwarika's Resort - Nepal
For travellers who want to get their body and mind in order, Forbes magazine recommended Dwarika's Resort in Dhulikhel, Nepal. The resort is a newcomer on the scene, but it has already earned accolades from the likes of Conde Nast traveller® and traveller's World. While many wellness spas in Asia draw on ancient Chinese medicine, Dwarika's Resort leans on local Himalayan traditions blended with Buddhist medicine and Hindu scriptures, according to its website.

Dwarika's Resort focuses on holistic health, combining nutrition, biology and spirituality. Activities such as yoga and meditation aim to improve visitors' mental well-being, while meals made with natural ingredients help the body work more healthily. Acknowledging that the environment also shapes a person's health, Dwarika's Resort is constructed primarily from natural materials such as wood and stone. Even the dyes used in carpets are selected for their safety for the body and the earth.