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Get dancing on a Buenos Aires vacation

Topic South American Travel

Get dancing on a Buenos Aires vacation - Image

Many people choose South America travel because they want to experience the rich culture of the area. One of the more popular destinations for travellers is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, which guarantees a good time for night owls with all of its lively clubs and music.

The Globe and Mail reports that there are a number of bars in the city, which boasts a population of more than 15 million residents. Although certain nightspots cater to "hipster" crowds, there are certainly a number of places to go for a little South American romance.

Dancing is a major part of the culture and there is no shortage of places to cut loose. The source reports that just because a traveller isn't visiting with a significant other doesn't mean they can't tango. Club Villa Malcolm offers tango lessons for single beginners who are looking to immerse themselves in culture.

The tango is a must for travellers who are visiting the Argentinian capital, as the dance actually began in the country before it was adopted by cultures around the world.