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Get a glimpse of the 'Miracle on the Hudson' plane

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Get a glimpse of the 'Miracle on the Hudson' plane - Image

Many people remember the courageous acts of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III when he was in charge of US Airways Flight 1549, which was on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina, when it was stopped by geese getting stuck in the engines. 

Now, the Canadian Press reports that after two years in a Newark, New Jersey hangar, the plane is set to make its way to its final destination of Charlotte, as it will be carried with a special trailer to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte. 

Expected to arrive on June 11, there will be a reception to honor the passengers and crew of the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane. However, for those who cannot make the ceremony, they should be sure to stop by the museum and see the aircraft on display whenever they make it to North Carolina's capital city. 

"Having everyone here is real exciting," museum director Shawn Dorsh told the Wall Street Journal. "People in the community are stepping forward to help. They recognized the importance of the artifacts."