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Galveston Island, Texas, a quirky adventure in the Gulf of Mexico

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Galveston Island, Texas, a quirky adventure in the Gulf of Mexico - Image

Unbeknownst to those outside of Texas is Galveston Island, an interesting place that features a number of fascinating activities. This area caters to those who wish to escape the encroaching winter cold, as the region is in a temperature zone that keeps the weather in the 60's, even in January. Cheap travel insurance is recommended for vacationers who wish to be well taken care of during their journey. 

The town of Galveston, on the eastern side of the island is a nice area to explore for travellers who wish to shop. This small, quiet town, is immaculately laid out with plenty of examples of historic Victorian architecture containing stores and restaurants on their ground floors. 

A more thematic element of the island is the Moody's Garden, a fun filled area that caters to all types. Those wishing to see endangered species can visit the zoo and watch the penguins at play. An onsite aquarium is home to a Caribbean exhibit that displays sharks, seal turtles, eels and more than one thousand colorful fish in an underground tunnel surrounded by water. From golf to paddle boat rides, Galveston is a destination that offers a little of everything.