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Follow the steps of a famous writer in Trieste, Italy

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Follow the steps of a famous writer in Trieste, Italy - Image

Located in the far eastern corner of Italy, Trieste is an interesting town of just over 200,000 people that features a mixture of interesting cultures. Visitors to this region will find the area influenced by the likes of Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Austria as well as Italy. Those who are considering a lovely European holiday in this location will be well rewarded with many interesting memories. 

It was in Triese that famed novelist James Joyce began to writer his epic novel, Ulysses. Fans of the Irish-born author can attempt to find the scribe's old haunts or locate his statue, which looks out over Trieste Harbor. Walking tours are available for purchase and provide maps of the Irishman's old homes and favorite bars. 

While on tour, a stop for a meal in one of the city's many European-style cafes is worth the time. The wine from this region of Italy, friuli, is especially delicious and goes well with a native dish that may contain influences from any of the many countries in proximity. Trieste is truly an area of the world that defies explanation and creates repose.