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Find summer all year long at these destinations

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Find summer all year long at these destinations - Image

Many Canadians have already taken advantage of the warm weather and free time to have extraordinary family travel trips. Those individuals who have not yet planned their summer vacations shouldn’t worry however, as there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy high temperatures and sunny conditions at any time of year.

If you want to spend your next holiday relaxing on beaches or strolling through a city centre under the warm sun, you’re not out of luck. Here are a few of the top spots that travellers should consider when they’re looking for warm weather at any time of year:

Mexico and the Caribbean
Two premier destinations for travellers eager to enjoy the sun, sand and shore are Mexico and the Caribbean. These slices of paradise offer vacation spots that can serve globetrotters at any time of year. Fans of Caribbean travel know that each of the islands making up the region, has its’ own personality, as do Mexican resort towns. Doing some research into which locale has the right vibe for you can pay off.

This area of the world is also ideal for travellers who want to use an all-inclusive resort or private house rental for their family. With so many options for accommodations, you should be able to find just what you need to create a truly special vacation.

While the climate is certainly beach-worthy in these destinations, travellers should be cautious about heading to certain areas during hurricane season, when occasional high winds or rainstorms could delay flights or sabotage plans. Savvy travellers usually invest in travel insurance as part of their planning process for their new travel adventure.

Costa Rica
If you want to experience all of the wonders of the Caribbean Sea, while experiencing another culture in the region, then Costa Rica may be the place for you. This Central American country boasts breathtaking natural beauty at every turn, allowing visitors to appreciate stunning beaches, lush rainforests and diverse wildlife population from most vantage points within the country. The nation is also ideal for adventure travel - there are few sights to rival the view to be had while zip lining through the verdant forests or kayaking off the coast.

Australia and New Zealand
Those adventurers who have enjoyed Australia and New Zealand travel know that these destinations are among the most stunning in the world. In addition to the spectacular sights, these far-away lands also have seasons that are the opposite of Canada’s - meaning that while we’re mired in winter, these Oceanic regions are just getting into the swing of their summer.

Fans of European travel can also enjoy warmer destinations. In fact, some of the most gorgeous tropical climates can found in Europe, as long as you know where to look. The eastern coast of Spain features some brilliant beaches that you won’t want to miss, especially in areas along the Mediterranean such as Valencia, Malaga and Barcelona.

History buffs can find just what they’re looking for in these areas as well, as ancient sites are common and frequently not too far from popular vacation spots. For example, the city of Barcelona lies near some spectacular coastlines, but the metropolis itself also has towering churches, beautiful parks and priceless works of art scattered throughout the city.