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Explore the vibrant Nashville scene

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Explore the vibrant Nashville scene - Image

Nashville, Tenn., is known as the best city in the United States for both musicians and music lovers. After all, it is considered the center of the American music scene and even holds the official title of "Music City." However, the southern city also has thriving food, literary and performing arts scenes, making it a the ultimate destination for travellers who enjoy a lively yet off-beat nightlife.

If you're planning on doing some United States travel, then make sure you add Nashville to your itinerary. Here are some of the city's most visit-worthy haunts:

Ryman Auditorium

No trip to Nashville would be complete without stopping by the Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry and one of most famous music halls in the U.S. Beginning as a radio broadcast in 1925, the Grand Ole Opry has turned into one of the longest-running live musical programs. The majestic theatre, which is a National Historic Landmark, has showcased thousands of country music performers, including Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop
Opened in the 1940s by country music star Ernest Tubb, this independent record shop is still going strong. Country music lovers will have no trouble finding their favorite records of concert DVDs at this cozy store, which is located just around the corner from Ryman Auditorium.

Printers Alley
This eclectic district resembles New Orleans' Bourbon Street. More than a century ago, the neighborhood was home to the city's publishing industry. As nightclubs began opening there during the 1940s, Printers Alley became the center of Nashville's nightlife. Bars, burlesque clubs and bluegrass and country dives still abound in this lively, neon-lit district.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Nashville isn't known only for its country and bluegrass stars. The grand Schermerhorn Symphony Center is home to the Grammy Award-winning Nashville Symphony, which puts on classical concerts year-round. Many contemporary musicians have also stopped by over the years, including Ben Folds Five and Kenny Loggins. Even if you don't make it to a concert, the center's architecture is worth a visit - the auditorium features a custom-built 3,600-pipe concert organ.

Pinewood Social
Pinewood Social is one of the newest additions to the Nashville dining scene. The establishment features a little bit of everything: A coffee shop, restaurant, bar and bowling alley. There's even a karaoke area with booths, as well as an area for private events. Meanwhile, visitors can enjoy their coffee and classic cocktails during the spring and summer while lounging in the outdoor cabana overlooking the pool and courtyard.