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Explore the Frida Kahlo Museum

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Explore the Frida Kahlo Museum - Image

Frida Kahlo was one of the most important and famous female painters in Mexico and is probably best known for her unique self-portraits. Vacationers who are planning an itinerary for their Mexico travel trips may want to stop by the Frida Kahlo Museum to get an up close view of a collection of her work.

To visit the facility, travellers can head to Mexico City's Coyoacan neighbourhood. Vacationers will have no problem spotting the property as it is painted in eye-catching cobalt-blue and dark red. The museum used to be Kahlo's home but has been an art house dedicated to her works since 1958. Guests glimpse a number of her personal objects that are on display, such as letters and postcards, photographs, cookware and linens.

The ground floor contains Kahlo's paintings, such as "frida y cesarean," "Retrato de Familia" and "Ruina 1947." The third floor offers even more works of art, including "Retrato de Carmen Portes Gil," "ofrenda del dia de muertos," and much more.

Visitors who check out the second floor have the chance to admire more of the Mexican artist's belongings, such as dresses, jewellery and notes.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.