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Experience the charm of Charleston, South Carolina

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Experience the charm of Charleston, South Carolina - Image

Charleston, South Carolina, is visited by nearly 4 million people per year, and was named the number two top American destination by Conde Nast traveller magazine in 2010. Due to what many travellers refer to as southern charm, Charleston is the perfect family reunion travel location. 

Activities galore await travellers of all ages in this quaint southern city. Since Charleston is located next to the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to some spectacular beaches that feature more than 90 miles of coastline and a number of islands off the coast are available for exploration. 

Those wishing to experience the Holy City's history can visit the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, which allow tours of the USS Clagmore submarine, USS Laffey destroyer and USS Yorktown aircraft carrier. 

Charleston is widely known for its historic tours, and those interested in history should look no further than the Charleston Tea Plantation, a still functional relic that includes 127 acres of tea plants and is a working factory and gift shop. The scenic grounds of this beautiful garden are representative of the wonderful and rich history that Charleston has to offer.