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European travellers can enjoy some offbeat fun at El Colacho

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European travellers can enjoy some offbeat fun at El Colacho - Image

One of the biggest draws for those vacationers lucky enough to embark on Europe travel is seeing the unique cultures of the old continent, and the celebrations that have been borne out of them. As such, travellers who are heading to Spain towards the end of the month will be able to see a unique spectacle not found anywhere else in the world – el Colacho. 

Tying closely with the catholic feast of Corpus Christi, el Colacho is a popular performance in the city of Castrillo de Muracia that sees grown men donning bright and colorful devil costumes and leaping over rows of babies born during the previous year. According to tradition, when the devils (or 'Colachos') leap over the babies they take all evil with them, cleansing the children and marking them as true innocents. 

The origin of this event is unknown, but the practice has been occurring since A.D. 1620 and is believed to combine traditional Spanish folklore with catholic traditions into a unique and exciting festival. 

Visitors can participate in the festivities as well, as the Santisimo Sacramento de Minerva - the event's organizers - typically chase and terrorize local citizens and visitors throughout the day.