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Enjoy a red while staying green with new Oregon wine tour

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Enjoy a red while staying green with new Oregon wine tour - Image

Whether its honeymoon travel or just a fun getaway from the stresses of work, many vacationers love taking wine tours. The popular attractions allow travellers to sample some fine vintages and tour local vineyards in a safe and relaxing environment. Now, those wine connoisseurs can keep their eco-conscience clear at the Willamette Valley's Grand Cru Wine Tour, the first winery tour to be certified by the Sustainable Tourism Eco-Certification Program.

Located just across the U.S. border in Monmouth, Oregon, this celebrated winery offers both a fantastic pinot noir and a welcome lesson on sustainability. The ranking, which is awarded by Sustainable Travel International, was created to celebrate businesses whose eco-friendly practices should be a model for other companies.

"Sustainability is a way of life for me," Byron Williams, the tour's founder, told Reuters. "When we established our company, being green was a personal requirement. The certification is a way of showing our customers that we take sustainability seriously and are open to outside reviews of our practices."

From fuel-efficient routes between vineyards and training drivers to maximize efficiency to a comprehensive recycling program, every facet of the operation is green, making this tour a must for travellers with a nose for wine and a drive to make the world a cleaner place.