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Easter Island, one of the most remote vacation destinations on earth

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Easter Island, one of the most remote vacation destinations on earth - Image

As the northern hemisphere begins to dip into the fall, the southern half of the world starts its spring season. This brings up a number of interesting travel destinations that includes one of the world's most unique and out of the way area, Easter Island. Those looking to travel to this interesting location should look into purchasing Canadian travel insurance as a way to maintain security while far from home. 

The main features of the island are the gigantic moai statues that were said to have been erected by the island's early inhabitants as tributes to their chiefs of old. The moai, impressive monoliths that can be 14 feet high and weigh over 12 tons, are situated in different areas of Easter Island. Each location presents an interesting journey for travellers wishing to view these ancient structures. 

Many of the moai were placed upon platforms called ahu - The most famous and largest of these being the Ahu Tongariki, which features 15 statues situated in a row. These amazing archaeological finds were built to face the sun during the summer solstice and worth a glimpse for those who a curious to see an ancient form of calendar. Easter Island is a fascinating location that any curious traveller should visit at least once in their lifetime.