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Cycling enthusiasts may want to head to eastern Ontario this summer

Topic Canadian Travel

Cycling enthusiasts may want to head to eastern Ontario this summer - Image

Some travellers like to stay active while on vacation as a means of keeping off the pounds and enjoying some time with nature. Now, people who are planning to travel to eastern Ontario this summer may get the chance to keep off that weight and have some fun by participating in a well-know cycling event.

The Grand Tour Desjardins is a week-long cycling trip organized by a nonprofit cycling group. The Vancouver Sun reports that while this event is typically known to take place in Quebec, this summer marks the first time that the tour will take place in eastern Ontario.

Travellers get the opportunity to bike to their destinations while camping with other riders during the excursion, changing from one campground to the next. This is a particularly great idea for those who like to stay active in the outdoors.

The tour will begin on August 6 and end of August 12. According to Explore by Bike, the move of the journey makes sense, as participants have frequently requested going to Ontario. However, it may be a good idea to enroll in travel insurance for Canadians, as the path is sure to be vigorous.