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Cozumel, the Island of the Swallows

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Cozumel, the Island of the Swallows - Image

As a major destination for those who engage in scuba diving and snorkeling, Cozumel features a number of reefs and underwater caves that enthusiasts can explore to their hearts content. Those interested in less adventurous endeavors will know that this unique Caribbean island also offers a number of tours to historic Mayan ruins and other archaeological finds. Those wishing to travel to this sun filled location for aquatic or historic purposes may purchase medical travel insurance to guarantee help when away from home. 

The caves of Dos Ojos, located in relatively shallow water, are home to an intricate cave system considered to be one of the most extensive in the world. These natural formations are the home of many populations of fish and feature a pale turquoise interior. A guide is always included in the tour of these caves, and different levels of diving experience will be considered. 

As a former location for ancient Mayan worship of the fertility goddess Ix Chel, Cozumel features a number of ruins in the district of San Gervaiso. Those interested in the historic aspect of this wonderful vacation destination will be glad to know that the island is filled with many of the Mayan peoples' structures and many more places of interest for people of all ages.