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Costa Rica, land of unsurpassed beauty

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Costa Rica, land of unsurpassed beauty - Image

Those interested in adventure travel will be glad to know that Costa Rica offers some of the most interesting experiences in all of Central America. From whale watching to enjoying beautiful nature parks and preserves, this country offers numerous activities that will provide fun to any age level. 

Costa Rica is one of the most well-preserved nations on the planet. As one of the greenest areas in the northern hemisphere, it strives to protect as much of its land as possible. More than 25 percent of this country's land mass has been set aside as preserves and parks. This attention to nature has conserved a wide array of interesting terrain. Visitors to this location can enjoy hiking up volcanoes, seeing a wide array of multi-hued birds, lounge on the many pristine beaches and countless other activities. 

First time travellers to this amazing place can simply enjoy the natural beauty or immerse themselves in it. The joy of Costa Rica follows a person wherever they travel and those who are coming to the area to escape the winter will be impressed with the temperate climate while taking in all the glorious sightseeing.