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Consider Puerto Madryn

Topic Snowbirds Travel,South American Travel

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Puerto Madryn is an excellent destination for those who wish to visit a unique and exciting part of the world and want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This region of Argentina maintains an average temperature of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months and offers a number of rare treats for nature enthusiasts. Purchasing travel insurance for Canadians is recommended for trips of this length to avoid any unforeseen calamities that may occur. 

One of the most interesting excursions in Puerto Madryn is a trip to the Punta Tombo Nature Preserve, an area that is home to the largest population of Magellinic Penguins in the world. Travellers partaking in a tour of this park will be able to view the coastline which swarms with hundreds of thousand of these flightless birds. Toward the end of the summer, the chicks will have hatched and these adorable critters can be viewed taking their first steps. 

Another fascinating area of Puerto Madryn is the World Heritage Site, the Valdes Peninsula. Whale watching is a popular activity off the coast of this land mass, as large populations of right whales call this their home. For those who love exploring nature, visiting Puerto Madryn is truly a unique destination which merits attention.