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Company creates new, practical case for slim laptop

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Company creates new, practical case for slim laptop - Image

Many people who take travel gadgets with them on long flights understand that it's important to stay as compact as possible. With many airlines beginning to charge for excess baggage, having small items is key in air travel.

This could be why many people who need laptops on their journeys are looking into smaller models such as the Macbook Air. Those who want to carry their laptops in style may want to consider investing in a bag that is both practical and compact.

The Mac Observer reports that Waterfield recently unveiled an express laptop bag specifically designed for the slim laptop, while also offering compartments for storing necessities such as a charger, mouse and cables.

Product Reviews reports that this is ideal for frequent travellers who are worried about keeping their devices safe during the flight. The slim design will also not add much room to one's carry-on, which is particularly key as airlines are becoming stricter about the limitations of what one can take on the plane with them free of charge.