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Chicago invests $6 million to promote city

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Chicago invests $6 million to promote city - Image

In a move to encourage tourism to the "Second City," Chicago’s Convention and Tourism Bureau unveiled plans to give the city’s marketing campaigns a makeover, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. 

"Chicago: Second to None," the new tagline that was developed by the Bureau’s advertising agency Downtown Partners Chicago, will replace "Make No Little Plans" as the official slogan of the city. The city's former slogan is attributed to town planner Daniel Burnham. The Sun-Times further reports that the campaign will also include the reopening of foreign sales offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, as well as the formation of a committee to attract sporting events to the city. 

"There may be some temporary setbacks, but nothing will stop us from positioning this great city," said Bureau president and CEO Don Welsh in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. 

The Tribune further reports that visitor figures that were released by the state of Illinois last week indicated a slight decline from 39.5 million in 2009 to 38.11 million this year. 

One advertisement in the new campaign calls Chicago "the city that ranks number one in number one rankings," and another claims that Chicago lacks only "a museum of museums," according to CBS Chicago.