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Cabo San Lucas, a remote destination devoted to maritime activities

Topic Adventure Travel,Snowbirds Travel

Cabo San Lucas, a remote destination devoted to maritime activities - image

The southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula is home to a number of unique rock formations and beaches that will impress even the most seasoned adventure traveller. This city, Cabo San Lucas was a fishing and canning location just 15 years ago and is now a bustling resort town with nearly every water sport available for vacationers to partake in. 

Activity driven vacationers may wish to engage in parasailing or water skiing, but other endeavours such as sea kayaking and snorkeling are available. One of the greatest spots for underwater viewing is Pelican Rock Cove, where rivers of sand flow in the subaquatic realm. Here a number of unique sea creatures can be seen alongside some rare rock formations. 

The spires of sandstone jutting directly out from the sea like the angry fingers of Neptune himself are one of the main attractions to this area. Daily excursions are available where boats and water taxis will drop vacationers off onto remote beaches surrounded by these craggy, misshapen parapets. These wonders, millions of years in the making, are just one reason to visit Cabo San Lucas.