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Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America

Topic South American Travel

Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America - Image

The name Buenos Aires conjures images of a far away city, an unknown place which is so intangible it feels like a distant dream. This city, the largest in Argentina is a simply gorgeous destination that will reward its visitors with numerous sights and a glimpse into a rich South American culture. Travelling to this area of the world may necessitate the purchase of travel cancellation insurance to protect a vacation from an abrupt change of plans. 

Georges Luis Borges, an author and philosopher who lived in Buenos Aires once said, "You can't measure time by days, the way you measure money by dollars and cents, because dollars are all the same while every day is different and maybe every hour as well." This quote is the perfect summation of a visit to the city. 

Buenos Aires features spectacular examples of European architecture which is said to resemble structures from Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, but with a certain flavour all its own. Indeed, sitting among the spires and post-modern buildings of this town while enjoying a cafe con leche is an experience worth remembering for its simplicity. The people and culture of Buenos Aires will reward all visitors with a catalog of beautiful memories.