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Bring the family to the Sydney Aquarium

Topic Australia andNew Zealand Travel

Bring the family to the Sydney Aquarium - Image

Families looking for Australia and New Zealand travel ideas may want to organize a trip to Sydney. The phenomenal city offers tourists several fantastic destinations allowing them to plan a full itinerary.

One spot vacationers may want to check out is the fascinating Sydney Aquarium, located in New South Wales. The facility contains more than 650 species, such as sharks, dugongs, sea slugs, crabs, cod and much more.

Visitors will enjoy the "Future is Wild" exhibit, which looks millions of years into the future and explores how underwater creatures evolve and adapt to their environment. For example, guests will learn how the ocean squid could change into a 4-metre long animal that lives above water.

More daring guests have the option of going on a glass bottom boat tour. Travellers may get to see a variety of sharks, including the lemon shark, black tip reef shark and grey reef shark, some of which are up to 3-metres long.

Travellers that decided to go to New Zealand can visit it's national aquarium in Napier. The facility offers a number of thrilling exhibits as well, including displays about the coral reef and various sea life.