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Be sure to check out the beaches of Croatia

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Be sure to check out the beaches of Croatia - Image

As many people may want to head to the beach this summer in an effort to cool off in the water, there are a variety of options available. However, because many people have the same idea, it may be a good idea to go off the beaten path and head to a hidden beach destination.

One place that people may not consider to be great for a beach vacation is Croatia. However, this country offers some of the most pristine beaches in the world, including Baska and Zlatni Rat.

Frommer's reports that Baska can offer beach dwellers a variety of options, as there are more than 30 beaches throughout the area. Travellers can tour the region in order to find places that may not be as crowded, allowing for ultimate sun bathing.

Additionally, the news provider reports that Zlatni Rat is a beach that is typically used to bring travellers into the area, as it's heavily photographed for a number of tourism websites.

Those who are looking for a unique beach experience may want to consider renting a lighthouse, as various coastal towns such as Struga, Rt Zub and Porer offer this feature for travellers who want to see the ocean as much as possible.