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3 dog-friendly US cities to enjoy with man's best friend

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3 dog-friendly US cities to enjoy with man's best friend - Image

Many major cities have taken steps to become more dog-friendly, whether it's with a variety of dog parks or an influx of businesses that allow pups inside their doors. Have you had a hankering for a road trip? Consider taking a drive down the U.S. West Coast with your canine counterpart and stopping in these top three United States travel destinations for dog lovers. Don't forget to invest in travel protection in case you hit any snags along your journey.

1. Seattle, Washington
There are a few specific spots that are great to bring your dog while you're in Seattle. suggested strolling through Warren G. Magnuson Park near Pontiac Bay. It's the biggest dog park in the city and has a spot for dogs to go for a swim. There are at least 10 more dog parks around Seattle, including Golden Gardens Park, which overlooks Puget Sound. You can also find restaurants that love dogs as much as you do, including Norm's Eatery and Ale House. This joint serves special dishes just for the four-legged patrons and will even give them seats in their owners' booth. Forbes magazine recommended a trip to the University Village Shopping Center if you're looking for retail therapy, since many of the outdoor mall's shops allow dogs inside. One place to avoid, according to, is Pike Place Market. While it's a wonderful experience for humans, pups might be overwhelmed by the crowds. Right outside the city itself, you'll find quite an assortment of nature reserves and beautiful places to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog.

Logistically, the city is quite accommodating to dog owners. explained that there are about 45 dog hotels, many of which have amenities specifically for pooches, including pet-sitting and itineraries of activities. There are also plenty of doggy daycare businesses and shops for fancy dog treats around Seattle. You can also bring your dog on public transportation, including most of the ferries, so you don't have to worry about driving around an unfamiliar city.

Try to plan your trip for one of Seattle's main dog events, the Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk, which benefits the Seattle Animal Shelter.

2. Portland, Oregon

Stop in Portland for a unique travel experience and sidewalks lined with pretty puppies. There are over 30 dog parks for you to enjoy, plus tons of pet-friendly hotels, shops and restaurants.

Portland has its own social networking app for dog owners, which is also perfect for people passing through with their pups. Download PDXdog before you arrive to find the best places to explore with your dog and perhaps make plans for puppy play dates while you're in town.

The Dog Channel explained that Portland has some of the strictest laws regarding animal protection in the U.S., and it's become famous for the Doggie Dash marathon, where adept runners are joined by their furry fit friends.

3. San Diego, California
One of the reasons dogs and their owners love San Diego so much is the beautiful weather that sticks around all year. Southern California is something like paradise, with routinely warm and sunny days that ensure an afternoon at the beach is always viable. Speaking of beaches, San Diego is ripe with dog-friendly beaches where you and your pup can run across the hot sand into the crisp Pacific Ocean. NBC News suggested taking a trip to La Jolla Bay to take your dog out on a kayak, or you two can just splash around under blue skies.

Forbes recommended exploring one of the 16 off-leash dog parks in San Diego, or treating your dog to an ice cream cone at Lighthouse Ice Cream and Yogurt.