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2 airport slides you just have to ride

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2 airport slides you just have to ride - Image

While vacationing is more often about the destination than the journey, a trip that includes a stop in one of the world's most exciting airports can allow you to have both.

There are plenty of airports with interesting attractions, from Chicago International Airport's Brachiosaurus to the skating rink in South Korea's Incheon International Airport. But two hubs of air travel offer a zippy experience that can be the cherry on top of any vacation sundae.

Consider making a layover in France or Singapore for exciting adult-sized slides, but don't forget to purchase travel insurance when you book your ticket.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport
If you're on your way to the French Alps for a skiing adventure or passing through the country on a longer journey, try to finagle a flight in or out of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. The services offered by the airport have been greatly expanded in the past few years, particularly in the entertainment department. Airport World explained that living spaces were added to the complex, perhaps as a way to attract more flights. While you can spend a few hours watching the game on big-screen TVs during a layover now, that's not the exciting aspect. The airport has a steel slide that carries travellers down 6 metres - and it's free! There's also an area for people to observe takeoffs and landings among a collection of high-end and duty-free shops.

Changi Airport
Singapore's Changi Airport is brimming with unique sources of entertainment, from movies and playgrounds to living creatures and slides. Back in 2010, the tallest slide in the country was built in Changi's third terminal. The Slide@T3 is about 12 metres long, but it's so fast that the ride only lasts a few seconds. According to the airport's website, after spending $10 at any single shop or restaurant , you can enjoy a trip down the Slide@T3. If you aren't interested in such speed or you're minding your budget, you can try a smaller slide in the basement for free. While you probably consider slides the stuff of children, riders must be at least 7 years old before approaching the Slide@T3.

You can also find a free 24-hour movie theater, a rooftop swimming pool and interactive art space in Changi. Don't miss the Butterfly Garden that holds more than 1,000 butterflies and hundreds of carnivorous plants.