Travel Guard®

Annual travel insurance.
Perfect for travelling seniors and those who travel frequently throughout the year.


Annual All Inclusive Package

If you plan to travel at least 3 times in the coming 12 months and want the convenience of leaving at a moment’s notice, an annual plan may be right for you.  You purchase it once and enjoy the ease of knowing that you are covered each time you travel throughout the year.

Our Annual All Inclusive Package combines the benefits of two great plans in one – you get the peace of mind in knowing that you have:

  • Emergency medical coverage - up to $2,000,000
  • Trip cancellation, interruption, delay and baggage loss/delay.

You also have the option to upgrade coverage limits to the full value of your trip cost, on a trip by trip basis, as trip costs over the year can vary.

You can also extend your trip length with a top-up for any additional days you may need on some trips during the year.  For example – if you buy the 9-day package but one of your trips runs 14 days – you can top-up coverage on that trip for the extra 5 days.

You choose your trip duration from the options below:

        9-day package      16-day package       30-day package       60-day package

Annual Emergency Medical Plan

This plan provides you with our most extensive medical coverage of:

  • Up to $10,000,000 if you are over age 55
  • Unlimited coverage if you are under age 55

You choose your trip duration from the options below:

        9-day plan       16-day plan       30-day plan       60-day plan


*As always, some limitations and restrictions apply.  Please see policy wording for full details.