Emergency Medical travel insurance

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What is a pre-existing condition?
  • Answer:
  • This is a medical condition that existed either when you purchased your policy or when you departed on your trip. FAQs_module.jpg
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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance



Travel is one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences anyone can have – but being prepared for the unexpected should be an essential part of your travel planning, and your planning should include emergency medical travel insurance.

What is emergency medical travel insurance? Back To Top

Emergency medical travel insurance coverage, available through Travel Guard, can provide coverage in the event that you require immediate medical attention either through a walk-in clinic, local physician or you have to be admitted to hospital. Emergency medical situations can range from minor injuries to life-threatening situations. In addition, emergency medical travel insurance available through Travel Guard can provide coverage and assistance if you are injured or experience a medical emergency while travelling and require immediate medical attention or even evacuation.

It’s not uncommon for travellers to have reactions to local food or water while travelling abroad. In the event that you have an adverse reaction to local food or water, emergency medical travel assistance can play a crucial role in helping you get the immediate medical attention you need so the ailment can be treated.

Why is emergency medical travel insurance important? Back To Top
  1. When emergencies occur while travelling, you need an insurance provider who is there to help you. Travel Guard has an extensive global network of emergency and travel assistance services – through one dedicated 1-800 number – available 24/7 to help travellers in emergency situations. Travel Guard can help you while travelling, whenever possible, by coordinating with hospitals, doctors, and medical care providers on your behalf to ensure the best possible medical attention is received.

  2. Emergency medical travel insurance can provide coverage if you are injured or experience a medical emergency while travelling and require immediate evacuation. It can also provide coverage for your travel companion to accompany you if medically necessary, or if you are travelling alone, can provide coverage for someone to attend your bedside while in hospital.

  3. Emergency medical travel insurance can provide coverage for expensive medical care costs. Out-of-country medical attention can be extremely costly and having emergency medical travel insurance coverage may protect you from the high costs of these medical bills in the event that the unexpected happens. Travel Guard pays medical bills up-front, wherever and whenever possible.

Does Travel Guard offer family rates? Back To Top

Travel Guard offers family rates to families under the age of 59. For example, if a family of five (5) [two (2) parents and three (3) dependent children under the age of 21] purchase the emergency medical plan through Travel Guard, the premium will be based on only the two (2) oldest travellers. The emergency medical plan is a great way for families to protect against unexpected emergency medical costs while travelling.

Important details:

  • Family rates apply to a minumum of (1) adult and a maximum of five (5) dependents.

  • Family rates are available for the single trip plan or the annual plan option.

  • When you purchase the single trip emergency medical plan for your family, everyone is required to travel on the same dates and to the same location.

  • When you purchase the annual emergency medical plan for your family, this plan allows your family the flexibility of travelling on separate trips during the year or you can travel together.
What is an annual emergency medical plan? Back To Top

If you plan on travelling at least three (3) times in the coming 12 month period and want the convenience of leaving at a moment’s notice – without having to coordinate last minute travel insurance coverage – the annual emergency medical plan provided by Travel Guard is for you. You can purchase this plan once and have the comfort of knowing that you are covered every time you travel throughout the year. You have the option of purchasing a 9-day, 16-day, 30-day or 60-day plan.

Be sure to include emergency medical travel insurance available through Travel Guard in your travel plans so you have protection and peace of mind while travelling.